Here at the Fox Valley Spring Company, we are a custom spring manufacturer. What that means is that we can design and manufacture springs and wireforms to our customer’s exact dimensions and requirements. Unlike stock springs, they are not off the shelf items, but rather made to order. Despite being a custom manufacturer, this does not mean we can't manufacture a stock spring should that be all you need.

See the Difference

Stock springs will come in a variety of sizes and typically held to more liberal tolerances. The intent is that the spring can be used for a variety of general applications or non-critical functions. They are usually already made and sitting on the shelf.

Choosing a custom spring allows you to tighten the tolerances on any critical dimensions, request special spring material, select an appropriate finish or add other components for a completed assembly. Your application may require a precise free length, outside diameter or even spring force. Tighter tolerances may be required to deliver improved and consistent performance. When we assist you during the design stage, we take it a step further and monitor stress levels to ensure that we also deliver durability. This absolutely proves critical in applications where safety or performance are desired in your product.

Some custom springs can be referred to as precision springs. They are designed and manufactured to precise or exact dimensions. Variables such as cycle life and the exposed environment may be taken into consideration to deliver durability and product performance. Your options with a custom spring become limitless! We warehouse a variety of materials to deliver your custom products with a highly competitive lead time. Our in-house experts are available to assist.

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